Volunteer Time Off

At CHG, we believe in giving back. That’s why CHG provides volunteer time off (VTO), so our people can participate in service opportunities in our own communities, going above and beyond to make a difference.

Throughout the year, CHG helps organize volunteer activities near each of our office locations. Examples include: Making a Difference Week, Day of Caring, Stuff the Bus, and more. If you have the desire help others or work for a cause, we encourage you to use one of the volunteer time off benefits listed below.

Personal VTO

Personal VTO provides paid time off that employees can use to volunteer in their communities.


  • You may choose any community volunteer effort that is important to you (e.g. school, church, nonprofit, political organization) or any CHG-sponsored volunteer event.
  • Your leader must approve your personal VTO before you can take the time off to volunteer. Personal VTO should not conflict with the peak work schedule or other work-related responsibilities. It should not create the need to work overtime or cause conflicts with other employees’ schedules.
  • VTO does not carry over from year to year. Any personal VTO not used by December 31 or at separation of employment will be forfeited.
  • Personal VTO maximum: 16 hours per year

How it works:

  • You automatically receive 8 hours of personal VTO at the beginning of each year
  • To request 8 additional hours, click the “VTO request” link on the right pane of this page.
  • Any personal VTO used must be logged into the time-entry system as personal VTO.

Trip VTO

Each year, CHG organizes a few employee volunteer trips. If you are selected to attend one of these voluntary trips, you will be provided with up to 20 VTO hours to cover the time required to go on the trip.


  • Your leader should understand and approve the time off required prior to you applying to go.
  • You can only earn trip VTO (see above) once a year. If you participate in a second employee volunteer trip, you must use your remaining personal VTO (VTO).
  • You must log the time in the time-entry system as “Personal VTO.”
  • Trip VTO may only be used for a CHG employee volunteer trip and does not carry over from year to year.

How it works:

  • If you have been selected to join CHG on an employee volunteer trip, 20 hours personal VTO will be added to your time entry.

Team VTO

Team VTO is used for team volunteer events and provides a valuable way to bond as a team doing service while giving back to the community. There is no cap on team VTO.


  • Qualifying events include team activities that promote relationship building as well as giving back to the community
  • Events are planned by team, leader, or division
  • Eligible causes include: health, education, food, shelter, safety, water, human and animal rights, environmental, disabled services, financial well-being, and workplace culture

How it works:

  • Following a team VTO event, log your time as “Team VTO” in the time-entry system as approved by your leader.