PTO Gifting​

Paid Time Off (PTO) gifting is one of the many ways our people at CHG take care of each other and is a great way to provide support. PTO gifting allows you to give your unused PTO to those who are experiencing significant life events such as adoption, birth or loss of a family member. You can donate your PTO to another employee specifically for:

  • A serious health condition
  • Birth and first-year care of a child
  • Adoption and/or foster placement
  • Care of a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition

To be eligible, the recipient must have exhausted all accrued time resulting in a prolonged, unpaid leave of absence. The program is designed to help those employees who would greatly benefit from income which they would not otherwise receive.

Here's How It Works:

  • Recipient must be a regular full-time or part-time employee.
  • The condition of the recipient must meet the definition of FMLA. This includes: employee's own serious health condition, birth and first-year care of a child, adoption and or foster placement, or care of a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition.
  • For the purpose of PTO gifting only, the recipient does not have to meet the amount of time employed by the company or hours worked requirement normally associated with an FMLA leave (one year of service and 1,250 hours worked).
  • Recipient's condition has been approved for medical or FMLA leave, or the condition meets the definition of FMLA Leave of Absence.
  • The recipient must have first exhausted his/her PTO and EIB.
  • A maximum of 20 days can be accepted from employee donors. A maximum of five days may be gifted from a single employee.
  • Donations must be a minimum of eight hours and be given in eight hour increments.
  • Company-wide emails may not be used to solicit PTO gifts.
  • Donated leave is treated as taxable compensation to the recipient.
  • Gifted PTO may only be used as needed and may not be "banked" for future use by the recipient employee.

Know someone who meets these requirements and could benefit from a gift of PTO? You can fill out the CHG PTO Gifting Application and submit to human resources via email or interoffice mail.​​​​​​