Employee Network Groups

As part of CHG's core values, we strive to create a community of inclu​sion for all employees. A culture of inclusion is an organizational environment that allows you to be free to bring your interests, viewpoints and passions to work. In such an environment, different voices are respected and heard, diverse viewpoints and approaches are valued and everyone is encouraged to make a unique and meaningful contribution.

Participation in these employee groups is entirely voluntary and the opinions expressed in these groups do not necessarily reflect those of CHG and its management.

An Employee Network Group (ENG) is a group for employees based on shared characteristics, interests or life experiences. Some examples of possible groups include those focused on the arts, wellness, professional and personal development, community service, gender or sexual orientation and nationality.

How to start an Employee Network Group

If you are interested in starting an ENG that has been approved by CHG, you must complete an application that includes the following elements:

  • A purpose statement - Provide a description of the main purpose of the group, what is it trying to accomplish and principal activities.
  • Formal structure, r​oles and responsibilities - Include group officers to include at least president and vice president positions.
  • A clearly defined operating plan - Explain how the group will operate, including meeting times, dues (if any) and membership expectations.

Your application must be approved by the culture team. Once approved, CHG will provide limited financial support. See guidelines for more details.