Since 2005, CHG has conducted an annual Employee Experience Survey for our people to share their thoughts on our culture, the effectiveness of our leaders and communication effort​s, and their trust and pride in CHG. We ask our people to rate their sense of meaning and autonomy with their work, their sense of challenge and opportunities for growth, the impact they feel they are making, and their sense of belonging to CHG and their co-workers. All of these elements measure the health of our culture.

Based on this feedback, we develop a plan to increase engagement and create a culture of open, two-way communication. We implement your feedback whenever possible.

Thank you for sharing your valuable insight. Your honesty helps us continuously improve and become a better company for all.

  • Employee Experience Survey Results — This includes all survey questions and comments from this year's report and compares this year's scores with last year's.​

  • MAGIC Scorecard — This scorecard includes the 15 questions from the survey directly related to engagement. It shows CHG’s overall engagement score and the scores for each of the questions.​

  • Top Performers — This showcases divisions with an overall score of 89 percent or above. ​​​

  • The Engagement Playbook — This playbook is a breakdown of the engagement questions in the MAGIC model and provides educational resources for each question. ​​​​​​​​​