Employee Compassion Fund

Difficult and sometimes tragic events — such as fighting a life-threatening illness, caring for a loved one, dealing with the death of a family member, or experiencing a devastating hurricane, tornado or snow storm — dramatically affect our people each year.

We have an incredible group of people at CHG — always willing to help each other — no ​matter what the cause or how large the effort. While these individuals' efforts have helped imm​ensely — both financially and emotionally — the Employee Compassion Fund was created to further support our people and provide much-needed funds. Funded by employees, for employees, it provides tax-free financial grants to help employees who are facing financial hardship.

How to Apply

  • Read the application FAQs
    (If you have questions, contact the culture team, who can walk you through the eligibility matrix and help determine if your event qualifies for funding.)

  • Fill out the Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF) form
    (All applications are processed through a third-party vendor. EAF will contact you directly regarding your application, and they will provide the funds.)

Hear from Jeff Coon regarding his experience with the compassion fund.

How to Donate

It's easy to donate. Every contribution — big and small — makes a difference in the lives of our people in times of need. You can make a one-time donation using a debit or credit card ​or make an ongoing donation through payroll deduct. You can make either donation at any time throughout the year using the links on this page.

All donations are tax deductible and if you do payroll deduct, it will show up on your year-end W2. If you make a donation through debit or credit card, you will be given a receipt for your records. For more information on how to donate, check out the donation FAQs.